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Industrial Ergonomic Mats

A Complete Flooring System

Anti- Fatigue Floor Mats. Barefoot® is not a simple mat. It is a complete flooring system designed to meet the actual needs of industry, government and commerce. Click for more...
Comes in Three Grades, Two Forms
Standard Grade: High quality EPDM rubber. Fair resistance to foodservice oils and animal fats. Excellent for most applications that do not come in contact with petroleum derivatives and harsh chemicals.
Industrial Grade: Quality blended Nitrile rubber with a high degree of oil resistance. Excellent for manufacturing plants and machine shops where exposure to shop oils can degrade standard rubber.
Conductive/ESD: Specially compounded EPDM rubber for the electronics industry. Each module is certified to be from 1x104 to 1x106 ohms surface to ground resistance. Barefoot® also comes in two forms: solid surface, for most applications, and drain through, where liquids are used.
Drain Thru
Standard-Non Grease Resistant
2' x 3' $85.00
3' x 4' 139.00
Nitrile-Grease Resistant
2' x 3' 94.75
3' x 4' 154.75
Standard-Non Grease Resistant
2' x 3' $82.75
3' x 4' 128.50
Nitrile-Grease Resistant
2' x 3' 91.00
3' x 4' 148.00
2' x 3' 124.75
3' x 4' 205.00
We also make Large Runners and Sections
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