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Zig Zag Clips
zig zag repair clips
These clips repair furniture where zig zag springs have broken off at the rail. The repair can be done quickly and easily from the bottom. (25 clips per bag)-with instructions.
A6625 $33.99 $21.95 each
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Grommet Kit
grommet kit
Used to attach pre-upholstered furniture panels to furniture. 3/4" head-7/8" shank.
A3955 Panel Nails approx. 136/box.... $16.00
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Grommet Kit

Kits consist of hand setting dies, cutting block, cutter and 36 grommets.
A3445 No. 2 Kit $38.00
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Biogard Cleaner
biogard cleaner
A nonalcoholic blend which eliminates odors and germs that accumulate in the fibers of chairs, body armor vests, upholstery, helmets, and other difficult to wash surfaces. Safe to materials as well as skin, and dries without leaving a stain.Eliminates odor-causing bacteria. Price: $15.95 each.
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Wood Glue
wood glue
A resin glue for gluing cloth, paper, plastic laminates or other porous material. Twice the strength of white glue. The finest glue for wood. Plastic squeeze bottles. 16oz
$ ea
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Fabric Adhesive
fabric adhesive
Fast tacking, high strength, high temperature resistance up to 145°F. Adjustable nozzle for precise spray control. Bonds to foam rubber, paper, glass, cardboard, cloth, wood, galvanized sheet metal, fiber glass and carpeting. Of all the spray adhesives we tested, this one tested the best.
$16.95 ea 16oz can
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