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Herman Miller® Ergon® Office Chair Parts

Herman Miller®Ergon Arm Pads
Ergon Arm Pads
Heavy-duty urethane arm pad with steel insert that will not separate or loosen. Ergonomic gel under the urethane skin provides outstanding comfort. Fits all Ergon chair versions I, II and III.
Price: $ 21.25 ea
Herman Miller®Ergon Gas Cylinder
Ergon Gas Cylinder
Gas Cylinder replacement for Ergon3 Chairs.
Overall Length / Maximum Extension: 16.5"
Overall Length / Minimum Extension: 12"
Amount of adjustment: 4.5"
Price: $ 49.95 ea

Standard Caster for use on carpet only
2-1/2" diameter hard double wheel caster
7/16"x 7/8" stem "B"
Black nylon wheel and yoke
Part #70260 Hard /Carpet
Price: $11.95 ea.
Qty :
Soft Caster for for use on non-carpet only
(wood, tile, bamboo flooring, etc.)
2-1/2" diameter soft polyurethane thread double wheel caster
7/16"x 7/8" stem "B"
Part #70261 Soft /Non-Carpet
Price: $14.95 ea.
Qty :
Ergon Chair Spring
Black encapsulated spring is used to replace the encapsulated spring found in various chair control mechanisms
Part # 1940JW
Black Encapsulated Spring
dim: 2-1/2" long 1" dia.
Price: $23.95 each (includes free shipping)
Qty :
ergon2 chair spirngs
These new cloned springs are designed to replace the encapsulated springs found in the Ergon 2 Chairs. Two springs per chair is required
Part # 1962JW
dim: 2-1/2 x 3/4" dia
Price: $76.00 2/set (includes free shipping)
Qty :

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