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Metro Accessories

Aluminum Split Sleeves
For high temperature, over-the-road, or conductive applications. Zinc or stainless steel retainer rings available to secure shelf. One bag required per shelf; 4 pairs per bag.
Zinc $9.80
Qty :
Stainless Steel 14.70
Qty :

Super Erecta Conductive Plastic Split Sleeves
Required for Super Erecta Shelving ESD applications.
Four sets of sleeves to a bag.
Qty :

Replacement Plastic Split Sleeves
One bag required per shelf, 4 pairs per bag.
Black $7.50
Qty :
White 7.50
Qty :

Replacement Super Adjustable2™ Super Erecta Sleeves/Wedges
One bag required per shelf. Each kit includes (4) corner releases, (4) wedges, and (4) sleeves
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Use to eliminate two posts per adjacent unit.
Two S-Hooks required per shelf.
Qty :

Hole Plug
This chrome-plated cover is used to fill shelf-corner openings. Use wherever posts have been eliminated by "S" hooks
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Post Clamps
Joins units together for maximum strength.
Zinc Plated $ 6.60
Qty :
Black 7.00
Qty :

Foot Plates
Use to bolt units to the floor, or when a broader, more stable foot is desired. Replaces standard post leveling bolt.
Zinc $13.10
Qty :
Stainless 30.00
Qty :

Smooth polymer covers fits over leveling bolt to protect floors.
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Decorative Leveling Foot
Decorative alternative for post. Compensates for uneven surfaces.
Chrome $7.60
Qty :
Black 7.60
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