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MetroMax Iq Accessories

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Solid Mat Overlays
Covers standard grid shelf to create a solid shelf. Requires standard MetroMax iQ shelf.
Enclosure Panels
An efficient way to enclose MetroMax iQ shelving for stationary or mobile applications. Gray epoxy finish. See below for required mounting kit.
Shelf to Shelf Dividers
• Create full height compartments to fully organize the storage cube between two shelves
• Can be used as a side ledge or interior divider
• Compatible with any MetroMax i™ or MetroMax Q open grid shelf or Metro wire shelf
• Consists of a divider assembly and (4) mounting clips
• Divider assembly: high density polypropylene 4" (102mm) panels and stainless steel rods. Mounting clips: high density polyethylene (HDPE)
MetroMax iQ® Dunnage Shelves
Provides additional weight capacity (1,300 lbs. [590kg]) at bottom shelf location. Gray epoxy finish.
Adjustable Slides
Slides can be adjusted left to right to accommodate a variety of pan, tray and container sizes. Corrosion-resistant taupe epoxy finish.
Super Slide System
• Easily attaches to the shelf frame (under the mats) and is sized to hold 3", 5", 6", and 8" (76, 127, 152, 203mm) tall tote boxes.
• Corrosion-resistant taupe epoxy finish.
Outside Slide Dim: 10-1/4x20 x3/8x21- 5/8 in
Fits Shelf: 24 in.

8" (203mm) Shelf Dividers
• Use to create organized compartments or to simply separate shelf contents
• Easily repositioned on grid and solid shelves
• Corrosion proof: Polymer (High-Density Polypropylene).
2" Stackable Shelf Ledges
• Prevent items from falling off shelves
• Snap on and off quickly. Easily stacked to contain larger items
• Corrosion proof: Polymer (High-Density Polypropylene) and Type 304 stainless steel
Storage Level Frames
• Open four sided frames accommodate drop-in accessories including wire baskets and stainless drying racks.
• Includes corrosion proof MetroMax i™ frame and a bag of wedges
Wire Basket
• Conveniently hold small items
• 9" (229mm) deep
• Built in storage handles allow easy removal
• Corrosion resistant taupe epoxy finish
Stainless Steel Drop in Racks
• Open wire design to safely dry pots, pans, and containers
• To create a storage level with stainless drop-in order the following:
Qty. 1 Drop-in rack
Qty. 1 4-sided MetroMax i™ frame
Qty. 1 MetroMax i™ center beam
• Can be retrofitted to existing MetroMax iq™ shelves. Simply remove the mats and drop in the stainless drying rack.
• Center beams: RPMX36-CBEAM, RPMX48-CBEAM, RPMX60-CBEAM
Cutting Board and Drying Tray
• Rack is mounted to standard MetroMax i™ or MetroMax Q shelf
• Promotes safe air drying of cutting boards and trays
• 1-1/8" (28mm) and 3" (76mm) slide spacing available.
Can Rack
• Front loading, front dispensing can rack holds eight #10 cans or twelve #5 cans
• Tough, corrosion resistant taupe epoxy finish
• Mounts on any MetroMax i™ or MetroMax Q shelf

Three Sided Frames
• 1" (25mm) x 11/2" (38mm) structural steel tubing. Includes tri-lobal adapters to attach to posts. (Replacement adapters: Model No. MTLA bag of 4)
• Corrosion resistant taupe epoxy finish
• Use when configuring work tables or as a 3-sided ledge to contain bulky items
Use handles on mobile units to improve maneuvering and ergonomics.
Handles will fit both MetroMax i™ and MetroMax iQ units. Stainless steel material will offer long lasting performance.
MetroMax iQ® Style Color Shelf Marker
Attach easily to MetroMax iQ shelf for content identification.

Label Holder
Plastic holders snap onto shelf edge to accommodate 1" (25mm) adhesive label (not included).