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Metro Super Erecta® Wine Storage and Display

Store it!... Display it!...Sell it!..
As more wine makers introduce new labels it is important as a merchandiser to store and sell product in an organized manner. Unique wine storage and display solutions that promote organized merchandising.
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Cradle Wine Units
Wire crates highly visible display.
Wire forms a cradle that nests individual bottles.
Shelves spread 5" (127mm) apart for easy access.
Open wire permits free air circulation around bottles.

Bulk Wine Units
Store large quantities in limited space-average one case per linear foot of shelf.
Keep corks moist-inserts hold bottle at 10 degrees slant.
Open wire design allows air flow for proper temperature maintenance.
Units enclosed to secure product.
Optional locking door available for the 16-case unit!
Large 15" space between shelves.