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Wizard Super Neodymium Magnets

super magnets
Part # Description Price/Pkg Qty
A 07045 10 pieces, .315" dia. x .118" thk. $12.95
B 07046 6 pieces, .472" dia. x .118" thk. $12.95
C 07047 3 pieces, .709" dia. x .118" thk. $12.95
Magnetic Hooks for glass
Wizard Universal Magnetic Glass Hook
The perfect solution for attaching an object to a glass surface such as a storm door or store window. Attach one magnet to each side of a window, and this two-part magnet will attract through glass. It can be used to hold signs or decorations on a single pane glass. It can also be used as two single hooks on a metal surface. Comes with mounting hooks for both magnets and a protective coating to prevent scratching.
Special  Price $9.95 ea or 2 for $16.00
Part # Description Price Qty
07045 2-5/8" Dia. x 3-1/4" $12.95